United Diamond's Dollar Token

A payment token used for
payments in the


Will be listed exclusively on Stockpoint
The bonus is paid to the stakers at UDDT
Can be obtained by exchanging other cryptocurrencies on Stockpoint or Triple Ex Marketplace
All transactions within the Triple Ex Marketplace are made in UDDT
For each 3-Ex Token placed by customers in the Triple Ex Marketplace
1000 UDDT from the Reserve are automatically moved to the Pool (Stockpoint)
For each 3-Ex Token, withdrawn by Clients from the Triple Ex Marketplace
1000 UDDT are automatically withdrawn from the Pool (Stockpoint)
Triple Ex Token is issued at an amount capped at 600 000 tokens.

Owning and staking a utility token earns you a bonus of about 24% a year*

The bonus is accrued once your Triple Ex Token is deposited on the Triple Ex Marketplace

It is paid at the time of the presale and six months after the presale, and accrues ≈ 2% each month*

And after, it will be regulated by the market

*read the terms and conditions